Sunbourg Limited provides Design Thinking coaching and Agile business process consulting to enhance our clients’ innovation and improvement capabilities. We strive to build a synthesis between these two frameworks by effectively responding to each unique context.

Agile design is a set of development methods based on iterative collaboration between cross-functional teams. Invented by Bernie Dimsdale at IBM in 1957, and developed further by Schwaber and Sutherland with the introduction of Scrum in the early 1990s, this framework is best summarised by the 2001 Agile Manifesto.

Following several years of applying Agile methodologies in the workplace, Stefan Sohnchen (Sunbourg’s founder) studied with Ken Schwaber in Paris 2010 to become a certified Scrum Master.  Sunbourg has since  worked with Joe Justice from WIKISPEED and Scrum Inc. over a prolonged period to practise Agile methodologies in and beyond software development. This has given us new insights about how to best apply this framework in hardware development (eXtreme Manufacturing) and project management.

Design Thinking is a synthesis of design practice approaches that has evolved over the last 30 years. The Design Thinking framework is increasingly applied worldwide, with the University of Stanford being a major player in the field. Design Thinking workshops are collaborative, solution-focused, and human-centric. They can be used to create a broad range of experiences, products, services and/or strategies, and can benefit an exceptionally wide spectrum of organisations.

Following our participation in workshops run by Stanford University’s School of Design Thinking, we have conducted our own qualitative research and have visited leading Design Thinking laboratories in Australia, Germany and Malaysia. This has helped us to garner an in-depth understanding of the applicability and power of Design Thinking.