Joined Davanti Consulting

Davanti is a business and technology consultancy with deep expertise in customer engagement, digital enterprise architecture, Salesforce and mobility. I joined davanti as a manager consultant with the aim to strengthening the consultancy’s agile practice. Excited to complement my experience of working in an SAP setting with exposure to the world of Salesforce.

Agile coaching for timg

Daniel Ward from timg got in touch to arrange for on overview on Lean and Agile principles for the company’s senior management team. Timg clearly embraces digital technologies to reinvent their business processes. These are ranging from workflow applications and imaging solutions, be it digital mail-room or automated accounts payable. With a better understanding of what Agile is all about they are now in a position to better deliver efficiencies to their clients.

Business Agility Coaching for Util Plus

It was great working with Aiko Van de Roer from Util Plus. Util Plus is New Zealand’s leading SAP solution provider for the utilities industry. They were keen to add Agile, Lean and d.think to their portfolio for their innovative approach and industry expertise.​ I was happy to help them on their journey in these areas.


Get Lean in 60 Days or Die Trying

Presenting at the SAP Tech Night in Sydney on 3 November. John Patterson and I will talk about our failures and successes when making Agile and Lean UX stick in stale work environments. We’ll offer 10 things individuals and teams can do today to transform and speed up their Lean UX adoption. Our story will draw on: pairing up, assessing, surreptitious design thinking, scheduling, happiness spiders, practices for speeding up development cycle times, ways of removing knowledge silos, methods of caretaking code, and squadifying.

Design Learning

Bringing together design thinkers from the secondary education sector, such as a Di Cavallo, and the tertiary education sector, such as Jim Speers. Our meeting at Hobsonville Point Secondary School on 18 October will cover the question as to how the University of Auckland’s Creative Arts and Industry faculty can learn from thought leaders such as Di Cavallo and Claire Amos who have revolutionised the way New Zealanders learn. The empowering of young people with the skills to contribute confidently and responsibly in our changing world starts long before they reach the age at which many of them typically start university. Watch this unscripted video about the students at this school!

CAI Planning Day 2016

As the previous two years, Sunbourg Ltd was again invited to facilitate the University of Auckland’s Creative Arts and Industries (CAI) Planning Day 2016 at the Villa Maria Estate on 19 August. This time I collaborated with Nicholas Rowe from the School of Dance and Phillip Callagher from Students’ Services to demonstrate the power of pairing. CAI’s faculties went out of their shells to pitch to the deans from across the University’s faculties.

Business Agility Manager at Foodstuffs

Started as SAP Delivery Manager for New Zealand’s largest retailer in March with the aim to transform the delivery team into a more effective agile community of practice. In October 2016 this is to result in taking on the role as Business Agility Manager to tackle Agile challenges at the enterprise level.

Design Thinking and the Primary Industry Sector

I will run an introduction to Design Thinking workshop at the University of Lincoln, near Christchurch, on 30 March. This will be an opportunity to work with a creative bunch of students at New Zealand’s specialist land-based university. People study there to “Feed The World, Live Well and Protect The Future.” Design Thinking targeted at the primary sector of the economy is a fantastic thing to work on.

Scrum@Scale Workshop Run by Jeff Sutherland

After attending a Scrum Master workshop with Ken Schwaber in Paris in 2010, and working with Joe Justice for one week at Tait in Christchurch in 2012, I was thrilled to take the next logical step by attending Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum@Scale workshop in Boston on 17 and 18 March.