Teaching of Design Thinking Paper Completed

Marked 10 papers from graduate students of Architecture, Town Planning and Urban Design who study at the University of Auckland. We applied design thinking to challenges stemming from the rebuild of Vanuatu in post-cyclone Pam, as well as a storm water project regulated by Auckland Council.

EPIC Conference, São Paulo

Participating at the 2015 EPIC conference “Building Bridges” that reflects the diverse connections among people, places, industries, and disciplines at the heart of ethnographic praxis. This conference in São Paulo from 5 to 8 October examines the ways in which ethnography and design have affected and been affected by complicated dynamics of social, economic, political, and cultural flux.

AASA 8th Conference 2015, Christchurch

Presenting a paper at the 2015 Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia conference in Christchurch from 1st to 3rd October. I will first elaborate on models of experiential learning developed by Patrick Geddes (1854-1932). I will then show connections between these models and 21st century approaches to experiential learning and strategy building.

Queensland College of Arts, Brisbane

Presenting and facilitating together with Adrian Vaughan of Realyse a workshop on the importance of design thinking approaches in a world run by software. The event was hosted by Professor Derrick Cherrie, the Director of the Queensland College of Art
 at Griffith University in Brisbane, on 10th August.

NICAI Planning Day

Applying Agile and Design Thinking methodologies, I facilitated NICAI’s 2015/16 Strategic Planning Day at Villa Maria Estate in Auckland on 7 August. This bought together staff and students from the schools that make up the University of Auckland’ National Institute for Creative Arts and Industries. The goal was to set ambitious targets through to July 2016.

Cities in a Climate of Change Conference

Delivered a paper tonight on Expending the Perimeter: Design Thinking for Public Art Creation. This was at the Cities in a Climate of Change: Public Art, Environment and Social Ecologies Conference, 1-4 July at the University of Auckland.

I showed how the “Innovation Foray: Hunter-Gatherer” model allows practitioners to expand the perimeter of collaboration with regards to public art creation.

Design Thinking and Business Analytics

Participating in the extension workshop on ‘Design Thinking and Business Analytics’ on 2nd December that is part of the Sydney Strategic Management Society Conference 2014. “This symposium will explore:

  1. new approaches to strategic management,
  2. technological change and innovation,
  3. skills development and work organisation in reshaping as well as adapting to global markets and supply chains.

In particular, it will provide a multidisciplinary context to encompass the role of design thinking and business analytics in repositioning the competitive advantage of firms beyond the ‘low road’ of short-term cost efficiencies to a more strategic, knowledge-based ‘high road’, with an emphasis on building longer term innovation capability and performance.”